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10 November: Roundtable briefing on UK investments in nuclear weapon production

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Weapons and the Protection of Civilians invites you to attend:

A roundtable briefing

UK investments in nuclear weapons production

and how these could be affected by a new treaty banning nuclear weapons

 2.30 – 3.30pm Tuesday 10th November 2015

Room Q, Portcullis House


British financial institutions are currently heavily invested in companies which produce nuclear weapons, as shown by newly updated 2015 ‘Don’t Bank on the Bomb’ research by Netherlands-based NGO PAX, which will be launched at this meeting. The report’s authors will give a presentation of the key findings and some of the implications for the UK as a nuclear armed state.

Nuclear weapons are the only weapons of mass destruction not yet prohibited by international treaty. This may soon change, however: 121 countries have recently pledged to “fill the legal gap” with respect to the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons as an urgent humanitarian imperative. A new ban treaty, which could be negotiated in the near future even without the participation of nuclear armed states such as the UK, could include a prohibition on the financing of nuclear weapon production, maintenance and modernisation. This could have a profound effect on UK policy and practice on nuclear weapons, which the panel will discuss.

This roundtable will also provide background on the international humanitarian initiative on nuclear weapons, and discuss past experiences of divestment initiatives as well as examples of how the stigmatizing effect of outlawing weapons significantly reduces available financing for their production.

Nia Griffith MP, chair of the All Party Group on Weapons and Protection of Civilians

Wilbert van der Zeijden and Maaike Beenes, PAX (Netherlands), co-authors of ‘Don’t Bank on the Bomb‘ 2015

Elizabeth Minor, Article 36

Rebecca Sharkey, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

Remarks from a parliamentarian (speaker to be confirmed)

All members of both Houses and their staff are welcome to attend.

RSVP to Nia Griffith MP – nia.griffith.mp@parliament.uk and Elizabeth Minor at Article 36 (which acts as secretariat to the APPG) elizabeth@article36.org